023 | Rich & Robyn Wilkerson

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Since 1972, Rich Wilkerson has been helping people who are in crises of every description. His main function has been as a communicator. From 1980 to 1990, he spoke in person to 1.5 million students in 1700 public schools throughout the United States and Canada. Rich has traveled to 27 countries lecturing on Hope, Love, and Faith.

In 1998, he and his wife, Robyn, and their children moved to Miami, Florida to work with those in need. He and Robyn assumed their current leadership positions as co-pastors of Trinity Church, which at that time consisted of about 250 mostly Haitian people. Today, over 4,000 people call Trinity their church home each week. Rich and Robyn also founded the Peacemakers Family Center, a social service organization that has won nearly $30 million in government funding since 2000. Rich earned a Masters in organizational leadership, and is currently seeking his doctorate at Southeastern University.

Robyn Wilkerson began her journey with her husband Rich in 1973. Her achievements and successes include her position as the Vice President of a Mortgage Banking Firm in Sacramento California, serving as Co-Anchor for the National TV Show “Introduction to Life” with her father, the late Dr. Fulton Buntain, and coaching women ministry leaders to success. Robyn earned her Masters of Arts in Christian Ministry and will receive her Doctoral degree from Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri in May 2017. She is a dynamic public speaker who has lectured around the World.

Rich and Robyn are the parents of four sons, Jonfulton, Rich Jr., Graham, and Taylor, and has three Daughters-N-Love Ashley, Dawn-Chere, and Kristen, and three Grand-Darlings Israel (Izzy), Fulton, and Nora.





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