SEE.Beyond Where You Are


To see beyond where you are can be very difficult. I remember my first encounter with construction, or any kind of business in ministry for that matter. I was in my mid twenties as a Kids Pastor by title, but building volunteer teams had become my first priority and I was getting pretty comfortable in my personal development.

Then it happened. 

Our church purchased two pieces of property. One with the existing building and a limited amount of parking spots, and the other an old car wash we intended to use for additional parking. My assignment was simple but foreign to me. I needed to insure that the demolition company removed the car wash as soon as possible so the parking lot could be completed and ready for use. 

At the time I didn't know it but my leader had given me this endeavor to get me out of my comfort zone, and to move me forward as a young leader. I made contact and got the demolition in motion, but when promises went unfulfilled I began to feel tension from my leader. It’s in this tension I learned how to develop and go beyond my current status during times of difficulty. 

Here‘s what I learned:

  1. Use Tension. Without tension in life there is no potential for growth. The key to tension is that it be well used.
  2. Engage Conflict. Managing tension well, should lead us to engage conflict. Engaging conflict limits dysfunction in your life.
  3. Reconcile in your heart and mind. God allows tension and conflict to build in our lives so we can be motivated to change. Once you have used tension and conflict, let it go! God will give you peace in your heart and mind.

Over ten years later God is still using the process of Tension, Conflict, and Reconciliation in my life. Without it, who knows where I would be?

Commit to this and you will SEE beyond where you are!