SEE.Your Potential

You have great potential!  And, now is the time to see it.  What’s standing in your way?  

A primary obstacle to personal potential is a narrow perspective. Broaden your perspective and potential will invariably come into view. This was Christ’s challenge to His disciples when they perceived His redeeming conversation with a Samaritan woman to be in bad taste. His words in response became an opportunity for them to see differently and, thus, see their own potential in being a benefit for someone else: “You know the saying, ‘Four months between planting and harvest.’  But I say, wake up and look around.  The fields are already ripe for harvest.”  It appears that He was saying, you’ve got potential to make a positive difference, but you won’t make that kind of difference until you see others the way I do. Jesus seemed to spend much of His time helping to fashion the perspective of His followers.  

The way we see things can change much about how we live and lead.  Helen Keller is noted as saying, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”  How is your vision?  Can you see how your life benefits others daily?  The ability to see means opening our heart to opportunities that we otherwise would overlook.  Our potential resides in how well we can benefit others…seeing people as opportunities to do good.  See the following as helpful perspectives:

•    See God as present in your organization.
•    See others as the vision and not tools to accomplish it.  
•    See your gifts as resources to better those you lead.
•    See obstacles as times for bold steps.
•    See humility as the only way to grow.
•    See love as the conquering leadership trait. 
•    See Christ as the greatest leader of all time.

Seeing your potential begins with seeing differently.  Take time right now to do what the greatest leader said – Wake up and look around.  The fields are already ripe for harvest.  In other words, potential abounds because others abound.  And, people mean opportunities to do good.  So, change your perspective and begin to SEE YOUR POTENTIAL today!

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