More Bright People Needed

I live in the daily revelation that my idea, no matter how good it is, is just not bright enough.  The ongoing interactions that I have with competent team members and significant players in my life are key to getting the best results out of a good plan.  As a matter of fact, strategies are only as successful as the ones speaking into them and carrying them out.

Here is a list to consider when recruiting and involving more bright people:

1.  Look for talent and teachability.  Creative thinkers can be hampered by a know-it-all attitude.  Humility is needed by the entire team.

2.  Give opportunity for your idea to be torn apart.  Ideas are only that - something generated in your own mind that needs the feedback of other competent thinkers.

3.  Schedule uninterrupted time to meet with your creative team.  What you consistently value as a leader will be respected by the whole.  So, respect the time others give to speak into ideas.

4.  Mine for deeper thoughts and ideas on the project.  Don't be threatened by someone's silence on the team.  Direct questions to everyone.

5.  Ask open-ended questions.  Yes or no answers will never get to a better idea.

6.  Determine to walk away with action steps to the thoughts given.  Bring some level of closure to every meeting.

7.  Involve thinkers from different age groups and backgrounds to speak into ideas and plans.  Differing perspectives are invaluable to making strategies and plans applicable across the board.

Determine not to be the only bright person in the organization.  Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager, wrote, "No one of us is as smart as all of us."  The more brains we involve, the brighter the room...and, the brighter the experience!

Who do you need to recruit and involve in your planning today?