Leaders Connect the Dots

Restaurant kids menus are the best!  It's very tempting for me not to grab it out from under my 12 and 11 year olds' elbows and do the fun activities myself.  I like to connect the dots!  And, in leadership, that desire needs to be at least that much - but for a bigger reason.  When we cast vision, the plan is for those who follow us to catch on and be significant players. But that doesn't happen simply because it's the right thing to do.  Strategy should always match expectation.  And, such a strategy would involve the leader's part in making it as clear as possible.  Consider these suggestions in helping your team as a leader connect the dots:

  1. Never assume your team "gets it" the first time, or frankly, the second, third or fourth...  Don't ever worry about wearing out something as critical as vision-talk.
  2. Use stories and testimonials to paint the picture.  Use the creative approach to keep it before them.
  3. Talk vision in light of tangibles.  Make the steps so attainable that they can start working towards it the minute they leave the meeting.
  4. Over-communicate!  Use every form of connection to keep their minds on the goal and what it looks like when it's reached.

Remember what can be seen when the dots are properly connected...  That's the profound beauty of leadership.  Enjoy the exercise!

What dots need to connected in your organization?