It's Always Better to Follow First

Leadership has been the buzz word since the eighties.  And, there's nothing I enjoy studying more than what it means to lead well.  However, a huge dynamic is missing many times when pursuing this learning venture.  All the while the subject of leadership is getting front stage, a more important study is being left in the proverbial props closet.  It has been my observation that leaders are only as good at leading as they are following.  Frankly, leaders are effective when they're better followers.

Author and President of the National Association of Evangelicals, Leith Anderson has observed that "the Bible says comparatively little about leadership and a great deal about followership."  Being an effective follower means understanding and serving the mission.  A follower appreciates authority, collaboration, strategic players and common goals.  Good followers deny any value in unbridled competition and personal fits of jealousy.  When leaders don't have anyone or anything to follow, they isolate themselves from reality, meaningful exchange and lasting significance.  Great followers make potent leaders.  Yes, it's always better to follow first...and to lead a life of following before you ever consider leading anyone!

How are you doing at following?  In what ways can you better align yourself with the organizational mission?