Creating Capacity

My ministry history thus far has afforded me the privilege of being around leaders who enlivened personal growth.  Through direct instruction and “on-the-job” situations, greater capacity was created.  I’ve always said that opportunity can be one of the greatest forms of encouragement.  Here’s some of what I’ve experienced and hope to offer in those who come alongside of me:

  • Offer legitimate critique. 
  • Fan zealous creativity.
  • Be a lead learner.
  • Extend opportunities to shadow.
  • Review books together.
  • Encourage the undertaking of a bigger project.
  • Ask for opinions and feedback.
  • Involve collaboration for important decisions.


There’s nothing better for a team than the continual, sacrificial investment of the leader.  Growth is deliberate and not accidental.  So, reach across the “table” and offer the personal time necessary to enlarge the capacity of those around you.  What you sincerely give to others substantially comes back to you…in relationships, business and opportunities.


How can you begin to create capacity in those around you?