I’ve had enough trips in and out of countries around the world to witness firsthand the sometimes annoying experience of checkpoints.  For my non-traveling friends, these are manned stations typically at a border where travelers are subject to security checks.  It can be as quick and painless as a wave or as rigorous as a full car search and license check with suspicious-like questioning. (And, sometimes you don’t have any idea what it will entail.)  Most of these exercises are necessary and proper for national safety. Interestingly, our lives do better when periodic checkpoints are in place. With the busyness and responsibilities that personal schedules represent along with occasional stress and drama, we need “manned stations” that check on us.  And, some of those checks will require nothing more than a regular quick visit, pat on the back and wave while others will necessitate a deeper, more probing experience.  But, nonetheless, these moments are far more important than just an aggravating interruption in our travel schedule; they represent security!  Bill Hybels said, "Accountability is the greatest antidote for vulnerability." Strategic, intentional relationships are key and can make these moments more meaningful.  Small groups and mens/womens bible studies are great venues.  Frankly, no one is exempt from the need to authentically answer questions about his or her life.  Everyone needs a sense of strong emotional, spiritual and relational security.  Take time to recognize and appreciate what makes for good, healthy checkpoints and become better because of it.


What relationship can you entertain for good, healthy accountability, and how can you cultivate that relationship to be a beneficial checkpoint for both of you?