I’ve always been a person who enjoys change – change in schedule, change in venue, change in direction, organizational change, etc. – especially when I’m the one involved in making the change.  But isn’t it interesting how we respond when change is redirected, when it’s imposed on us?  Frankly, I initially don’t like it.  It threatens my feeling of safety and familiarity.  And, furthermore, change can reveal a lot about a person or organization.  Kurt Lewin said, “If you want to truly understand something, try to change it.”  But, change is inevitable.  And, our willingness and striving to understand is critical to personal growth.  We can challenge all day long the motive for change, but how we respond is no one else’s responsibility.  Change isn’t necessarily easy if you are made to deal with it.  But, change can be easier!  How so? 

Here are some suggestions:

Look for the positive in it.  Not all of it will seem good to you, but there can be an aspect of the change that points to something better.

Lock into a good attitude.  Attitude is everything when it comes to experiencing the potential of personal growth.

Lead from the middle.  Change typically comes from the top, so get in the middle and be the “glue” that holds everyone together.

Learn something new.  When you strive to understand the reason for change, you will discover something about the process, the people involved and even you in the midst of it.

Leave every meeting with respect.  Though you may disagree, your cooperative spirit will go a long way in building trust among key relationships for the long haul.


Remember this:  “The bend in the road isn’t the end of the road, unless you are not willing to turn.”  That turn, no matter how wide or sharp the bend, can be made if you will just make the steering adjustment.  Yes, change can be easier!


What inner adjustments do you need to make as you are faced with change?