Book Review: Making of a Leader

Book Review: Making of a Leader

God is not in as big of a hurry as you and I are. He is more interested in shaping you and me first.


In Robert’s Clinton’s book, “Making of a Leader”, he opens up with a letter to a young man serving as a missionary intern in China. This young man, Dan, was eager to do more and be more but just could not seem to do all he had aspired to. The statement above sets the tone for the entire book as Clinton paints the picture to Dan, of engaging the process of personal development and maturing. 

Clinton lists and describes Six Phases of Leader Development, and gives some key insight into what God uses to navigate and move us through these phases. 

Phase 1: Sovereign Foundations - Foundational items in your life that God providentially works through 

Phase 2: Inner-Life Growth - Committing to a lifetime that counts for God

Phase 3: Ministry Maturing - God uses ministry to mature the leader

Phase 4: Life Maturing - Ministry flows from mature character, being vs. doing

Phase 5: Convergence - Extreme personal development is required to reach this phase but when reached gifts and experience are maximized

Phase 6: Afterglow - Recognition and indirect influence, these leaders are celebrated 

This book and the principles it teaches have set the pace for the greatest year of growth in my life. I would highly encourage this read and even reread. “Making of a Leader” is what I would refer to as a foundational book; it will be active in my library for years to come.