Building Leaders for the Next One Hundred Years




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what is century leadership?


Century Leadership was born in 2013 with a simple but bold vision: Build leaders for the next 100 years. This is accomplished by creating a culture of resources and relationships that encourage and equip spiritual leaders to lead courageously.

who is a century leader?

A Century Leader is committed to GROW.

Century Leaders commit themselves to personal leadership development, engaging in personal growth environments. Century Leaders challenge the status quo and their own comfort zones because they are lead-learners. They improve by assessing, practicing, and learning new and better ways to serve.

A Century Leader is committed to CREATE.

Century leaders are out-of-the-box thinkers, and envision new ways to lead better. Century Leaders create possibilities through innovation. To create means to foster collaboration and lead necessary change.

A Century Leader is committed to INVEST.

Century leaders have a passion for the next generation of spiritual leaders, intentionally giving into the potential of others by offering resources and time. Century Leaders understand the spiritual significance of succession and are motivated to provide opportunities for growth and development. To invest means to generously and strategically prepare spiritual leaders to lead and serve well.





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Century Leadership is developed around the Century Leadership Experience. An ongoing leadership development journey. The Century Leadership Experience features three roundtables with today's top spiritual leaders, admission to the annual Century Leadership Conference and access to resources and road trips that are exclusive to the Experience.

COMMItted to being at the forefront of leadership development.

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Century Leadership Podcast

"century leadership is elevating the leadership level for those who participate."

— John Lindell | Pastor, James River Church